Szczepienia przeciwko HPV

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Szanowni Rodzice i Opiekunowie! Urząd Gminy w Będzinie dołączył do rosnącej rzeszy samorządów, które aktywnie wspierają walkę z nowotworami w Polsce. Po przeanalizowaniu zaleceń Polskiego Towarzystwa Pediatrycznego oraz Polskiego Towarzystwa Ginekologicznego zadecydował o sfinansowaniu szczepień przeciw wirusowi brodawczaka ludzkiego (HPV), odpowiedzialnemu za powstawanie raka szyjki macicy, raka sromu, raka pochwy, raka odbytnicy oraz brodawek płciowych. Szczepienie przeciwko HPV jest zalecane przez Ministerstwo Zdrowia i umieszczone w aktualnym kalendarzu szczepień obowiązującym na terenie Polski.

Reports Suggest Sony May Drop PS5 Next Year

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Reports Suggest Sony May Drop PS5 Next Year

How time does indeed fly. A mere four years ago, consumers were giddily unwrapping their brand spanking new PlayStation 4 consoles, after nearly a decade of making do with their old PS3s. Since then, Sony has shipped over 60 million units worldwide, and it predicting another 18 million will be sold by this time next year.

Sales were helped with innovations and upgrades like the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. But to stay ahead of the curve, Sony has constantly look in the mirror, and something big is looming.

The something is Xbox Project Scorpio. Announced last month, Scorpio is designed to be a future proof (for now) and hugely powerful new console that is specifically designed to meet the potential in 4K Ultra HD TVs, among other whizzes and bangs compatibility with the Xbox One. Graphics and gear nerds are expected to go ape. Its PS4 Pro was launched last November to very good reviews, and overall the PS4 has been cheap jerseys outselling Xbox by a healthy margin much so that the many are claiming that Sony this generation of console wars. So why in the world is a respected industry analyst suggesting that Sony may launch a brand next gen PlayStation by the second half of 2018?

As reported by the Wall Street Journal (sub required), Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong is predicting that Sony is gearing for a major release sometime late next year. That could possibly be a brand new console: the PS5.

This is getting industry analysts interested and gamers glumly contemplating dropping yet more hundreds of dollars for a couple of reasons: first, because a reputable outlet like the WSJ is reporting it, and because Thong also correctly predicted the release of the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, says Forbes.

But before you decide to junk your PS4 and sell off your library, keep this in mind: there is an awful lot of chatter suggesting that Sony is simply going to release yet another upgrade. And Manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft are starting to really rein in big bucks with online sales of games as Uproxx notes, in 2016, the PlayStation Store made more in sales than all of Nintendo.

So while few are disputing Thong warning to expect big things from Sony sometime next year, there isn a lot of anticipation of an entirely new console. But no one is expecting Sony to take the arrival of the Xbox Scorpio lying down.

Republican candidates for township make their case

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Republican candidates for township make their case

They took cheap political shots and distorted the facts, which is an unfortunate disservice to the voters. Here are the facts.

The currently elected Republican Downers Grove Township adheres to strict budget guidelines that keep the taxpayers debt free with a balanced budget every year. The cheap jerseys township pays 100 percent of its bills as they come due, and has limited the average tax bill hike to less than $1 per year for the last seven years. If only the State of Illinois were run the same way!

We have reduced compensation for trustees, eliminated benefits and have never offered any per diems for the extra work each trustee does on volunteer committees and with community groups the township coordinates and supports.

The township has opted to meet once a month to devote more time to working directly with residents and gathering input from the community to improve services. Our presence at local chambers of commerce, senior citizen and youth service activities, and meetings with unincorporated residents has significantly increased and we make every effort to continually improve accessibility and accountability.

The Downers Grove Township meetings are efficient and productive.

Our Republican Ticket works as a complete, experienced team. We know from experience how to provide valued services in the most professional and cost effective way, while respecting budget restraints. No drama, no grandstanding, no politics we are simply dedicated to working for the taxpayers.

Downers Grove Township Republican Ticket: Frank Wurster, Theresa Cockrell, Lawrence „Andy” Anderson, Laura Hois, Mark Cuthbert, William Swanston, Kathleen Abbate and Lorraine Grimsby.

Republican Jewish Coalition on Hillary Clinton

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Republican Jewish Coalition on Hillary Clinton

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may not have always agreed on every detail, but we always shared an unwavering, unshakable commitment to our alliance and to Israel future as a secure and democratic homeland for the Jewish people, Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton told the vast audience at the AIPAC policy conference in a wide ranging speech Monday, we face the future side by side, I know for both Israel and America, our best days are still ahead. Republican Jewish Coalition is not buying it. Actions speak louder than words, and cheap jerseys Hillary words can do little to paper over her disastrous tenure as secretary of state, says Matt Brooks, executive director of the national grass roots group, which holds its spring leadership meeting next month in Las Vegas.

every turn when her actions could achieve real results and speak louder than words, Secretary Clinton chose instead to do nothing. Pro Israel voters have learned from painful experience that there is a difference between political speeches and governing priorities. Hillary Clinton has proven time and again that talk is cheap.

The exciting thing is that we still

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played as well as we can. We have a lot of players still developing, a lot of areas we haven’t really explored yet, we haven’t really explored our attacking game yet. In the next 12 months we would like to get more consistency in our set piece and defence, develop more creative threat in our attack.

The festival does not require an entry fee for film submissions due to support from sponsors such as HBO, The Village Voice and JetBlue. 33 short and feature length films were selected among 750 submissions to screen at the festival during July 2010. Jury awards and audience awards are given to the best films during a closing night gala ceremony at this event.

The 1960s were the start for an impressive style Cadillac gained more grace and elegance, and some engineering advances were also introduced. The automobile advancements were further introduced in almost all the models of 60s, and in 1965, Cadillac produced nearly 200,000 cars. 1966 marked the best sales year of Cadillac, breaching the 200,000 mark by 5,001 cars.

A volleyball court is 9 meters wide and 18 meters long. This is then divided into two halves of 9 meters X 9 meters each. A net which is 1 meter wide is placed in the center, so that the top of the net is 2.43 meters high (for men) and 2.24 meters high (for women).

This is less ‚inside’ than the Indie Hero, but not as obvious as the Current Star. This is Brandon Phillips instead of Joey Votto, Dexter Fowler instead of Troy Tulowitzki. This makes a nice statement about knowing the team,cheap jerseys and doesn’t carry the dangerous connotations of being a bandwagon fan like the Current Star does.

Hackers steal and post personal pictures of actresses. The US prepares to ‚incapacitate’ Kim: USS Carl Vinson. ‚Help. A Richford Vermont man is $650,000 richer after he retrieved a lottery ticket he had been given as a Christmas present and accidentally threw away. Steven LeClair’s mother had given him a lottery ticket for the December 24th Tri State Megabucks drawing. Steve LeClair is an auto mechanic at Paquin’s in St.

Older men will probably be used to paying for everything on a date, but it is still worth remembering that a much younger woman might not have much or even any money. She may have spent her last money on those new shoes so she could look good for you, so don’t be stingy, but if she wants to pay for something, let her. She is showing a bit of independence and building her self confidence..

Paolo Simion (Ita) Bardiani

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John Murphy (US) UnitedHealthCare, 8. Shimpei Fukuda (Jpn) Aisan, 9. BABs are able to offer higher yields because they have a federal government subsidy. This makes the risk/return trade off unusually good for investors who want exposure to this area. GBAB holds a hybrid of QSCB and BAB bonds to provide high yields with a low default risk.

The algae use all the oxygen and do not leave anything for the rest of the aquatic life around. Also, algae formation blocks the passage of light and air for the other aquatic animals. This has an adverse effect on the biological life of these aquatic animals, which is termed as Eutrophication..

It really matters whether we are in a state that recognizes a defense of a reasonably mistaken belief in consent or we’re in a state that doesn’t recognize that particular defense. But when researchers looked into how important the law was to outcomes in, say, a date rape case, what they found was the particular legal nuances didn’t matter at all. What mattered were the backgrounds and experiences of the jurors.

In another instance of combining business with pleasure, teams from three different continents set off from Geneva in what the BBC called the „longest and greenest race of all time.” Dubbed the Zero Race, it is an 80 day affair that pits some of the world best electric cars against one another. But what if your swimming hole is the Truckee River in California, and you are extreme skier Mike Wilson? You’ve never seen fun quite like this:Because of moncler kids,you can provide your children a friendly and elysian season,the children can measure with their friends in snow wearing moncler kids jackets,moncler kids coats and moncler kids vests,all of these moncler kids uses the fluffy colour on the central endorse which helps in responsibility the embody temperature native. On the outer select,cheap jerseys intense and comfy pockets fuck been stitched for swing in the hands.

2 Go back to your Personal Mission Statement personal mission statement is one of my centering tools, and I especially go back to it when I have setbacks. Do the still hold true? Am I doing what I am doing for the right reasons? Do they align with my personal and professional themes for the year/future? This exercise serves to firm up my spine and point me back in the direction I should head. Do you have a personal mission statement?.

Oh, behave, Microsoft. As the tech giant looks for a new chief executive to regain some mojo, a super weird video of current CEO Steve Ballmer and previous CEO Bill Gates dressed up as characters from the Austin Powers movies is circulating on the Internet. The clip shows Ballmer dressed up as Dr.